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Want to identify hazards before they become a problem? Facing the consequences of an on-site safety incident? Book on-site support here.

Top On-Site Services

Site Audits

Our detailed site audits identify risk through expert evaluation of 

storage and handling procedures,
equipment installation and use,
and accident response. 

Any potential hazards uncovered during review come with expert recommendations for corrective action.

Regular Safety Reviews

Booking regular safety “check-ups” on your facility with a safety professional is an investment that pays off. How? By reducing risk of non-compliance fines and workman’s comp claims. Get peace of mind with check-ups structured to identify equipment malfunction and safety risks before they become critical problems.

Incident Investigation

Is your facility facing the consequences of a chemical, radiation, or occupational safety accident? We can join- or lead- your investigation team in identifying the root cause. Plus, we’ll help implement corrective action to protect your employees and facility from future incidents.

Product Compliance Support

Looking for a third-party expert for your Product Stewardship Program? We support chemical manufacturers by 

fielding chemical compatibility questions,
addressing regulatory concerns,
and creating procedures for cross-state shipping and handling compliance.

We also assist in the production of your product by developing safety programs for your facility specific to your product.

Why Clients Choose Midwest Chemical Safety


Site-Specific Solutions

Chemical and occupational safety is highly regulated, but implementation isn’t “one size fits all.” We build site-specific safety recommendations to fit your current facility, equipment, and desired production outcomes.


Field-Tested Expertise

Our clients include

chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers,
forensic laboratories,
radiological facilities,
weapons manufacturers,
government agencies,
chemical storage facilities,
and more.

When you work with Midwest Chemical Safety you get real solutions companies rely on everyday to streamline their research and production while keeping their facility safe.



Follow-Up Support

If your site audit reveals gaps in your safety processes- we can help. Midwest Chemical Safety offers a full line of services including

safety data sheet (SDS) suport
safety training for managers and staff,
custom clean-up manuals,
litigation support,
and more.

Whatever your need, we provide full support to keep your facility operating safely and legally.

I needed an expert opinion on how to manage a fume hood that was suspected of perchlorate salt accumulation. Harry and I worked together to determine and execute the best plan of action. When I was with Disney a few years later and had a “hot” question, he responded right away with a recommendation to derive the information we needed. On top of being a highly skilled technical expert, he is kind and easy to work with. What more could you ask for?

– LinkedIn Endorsement by Mychelle Fernadez CSP, CMMH, REHS

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