Free Field-Friendly Risk Tools For Your Facility


No warranty is expressed or implied in the use of these tools. The end user is responsible for all risk assessments and exposure assessments made using these tools. These tools are copyrighted by Midwest Chemical Safety, LLC but are free to use.

Meet LabRat:
Risk Assessment For Laboratories

Watch the LabRAT in Action:

What does LabRat Do? 

This semi-quantitative tool is helpful for assessing risk of laboratory-scale procedures. It incorporates both chemical and physical physical hazards- as well as process information- to provide documentation that your laboratory’s process has been evaluated. You can also use the LabRat to provide documentation for PPE assignment (29CFR1910.132).


Who is LabRat for? 

The LabRAT is a helpful tool in determining risk in 

Laboratory-scale procedures
Procedures not requiring complex equipment (not for large, PLC controlled pilot plants or floor reactors) 

Chemists, safety professionals, students, and instructors will find this tool an easy way to quickly evaluate risk of research processes and procedures. 


About the Developers

LabRAT was developed by Dr. Harry Elston PhD, CIH, PMP and Dr. Neil Langerman (retired, Advanced Chemical Safety) over 20 years ago to help assess risk in small-scale laboratory procedures. This tool has been presented in numerous risk assessment workshops and is currently being used in Argonne National Laboratory.

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HSMT Makes Heat-Stress Calculations Easy and Fast.

See How HSMT Works:

What does HSMT Do? 

Heat stress is a serious occupational illness. The problem? The application of the ACGIH threshold limit values for heat stress is a convoluted process. 

Our goal? To make calculations for heat stress simple for both safety professionals and field supervisors. HSMT calculates for rapidly changing jobsite environmental conditions, variables in worker tolerance, protective gear application, and more to equip you with the knowledge you need to keep your team safe.

Who is HSMT for? 

Safety Professionals developing site or job-specific procedures and processes to evaluate and prevent heat stress

On-Site Supervisors who need a tool to support day-by-day labor scheduling and fielding operations management between teams, tasks, and subcontractors

Training Supervisors who want support in equipping personnel with the knowledge they need to work safely and avoid occupational illness

About the Developers

HSMT was developed by Dr. Harry Elston PhD, CIH, PMP and Mike Schmoldt, CIH, PE, CCM in 2018 to help assess risk of heat stress in on-site applications.

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