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Midwest Chemical Safety’s Most Requested Workshops


Effective Chemical Safety Management:
A Risk-Based Perspective

Who It’s For:
Laboratory safety professionals, chemical hygiene officers, principal investigators, chemical stockroom professionals and instructors and professors. Anyone responsible for chemical safety in their workplace!

Course Summary:
Get everyone on the same page when it comes to safety management. This workshop is designed to introduce and refresh your team’s training on the essentials of chemical and occupational laboratory safety through solid risk management.

After an initial introduction to Laboratory Standard and Chemical Hygiene Plans, we’ll dive into:

Introductory Toxicology
Functional Laboratory Chemical Hood Evaluation
Standard Operating Procedure Development
And the Importance of Waste Management

During the second half of this workshop, we take the initial concepts and apply them to your operation through a deep discussion of hazard assessment and risk control as it applies to your workplace.

Your team will also learn risk management tools (LabRAT and “What If” of hazard and risk) as a way to evaluate common research tasks and scientific field work.

This workshop ends with a session of “Ask Dr. Safety”- a participant-led discussion of your team’s specific EH&S inquiries.

Estimated Presentation Time:
Full Day 6-8 hours

Research Without Rules

Who It’s For:
Participants of Effective Chemical Safety Management, or those with an established familiarity of their facility’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

Course Summary:
This course builds on our Effective Chemical Safety Management workshop to provide your team with in-depth process safety management training for research and small-scale chemical processes. 

Research Without Rules expands your team’s risk management foundation by applying the principles of OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard to your laboratory and research environment. 

This workshop covers the use of these four risk assessment tools- and shows your team how to apply these tools to a variety of common research, scale-up, and pilot plant scenarios:


The workshop concludes with a discussion on change management and what effective change management looks like in a research environment.

Estimated Presentation Time:
Full Day 6-8 hours 

Chemical Reactivity Hazards: Laboratory-Scale Recognition and Control

Who It’s For:
Researchers, Research Assistants, Waste management professionals, Supervisors and Teams Operating in Pilot-level Chemical Plants



An understanding of thermodynamics is recommended for this course.

Course Summary:
Chemical reactivity hazards contribute to a significant number of safety incidents in laboratory and pilot plants. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to reduce these workplace hazards. 

In this workshop, your team will review case studies of real laboratory and pilot plant incidents, conduct screening examples, and put trusted screening and recognition processes to use in real-time. 

Attendees will learn:

Screening processes for identifying potential hazards
How to recognize when reactive hazards are present
And implementation of best control practices to reduce risk 

This expert-lead workshop allows participants to share their experiences and become familiar with methods designed to control reactivity risks through challenging and interactive scenario-based group discussion. 

Estimated Presentation Time:
Full Day 6-8 hours

Why It Went Wrong: Blame-Free Incident Investigation

Who It’s For:
Laboratory Safety Managers, Incident Investigation Teams, Corporate Safety Teams

Course Summary:
Noticed a gap in your in-house investigation? Want to be prepared for an incident in your facility? Now you and your team can be equipped for lab-scale incident investigation- as well as subsequent accident reporting – using the blame-free approach. 

This workshop is divided into three parts:

Expert Presentation: Dr. Elston PhD, CIH, PMP teaches your team critical incident investigation protocols and teaches what you need to find the underlying causes of an incident.
〉Group Discussion: Participants study incident investigations of documented events and discuss the strengths vs. weaknesses of the investigative procedures and follow-up reports.
〉Scenario Practice: Your team, guided by an expert, engages in scenario role-play to practice their team-led investigation techniques, analysis, and report authoring

Our goal? To equip you and your team to address lab-scale incident investigation with professional systems for a clear, blame-free analysis that helps your facility move forward in the event of an incident.

Estimated Presentation Time:
Full Day 6-8 hours 

Need Training Customized To Your Team, Process, and Facility?

Even small-scale incidents can have catastrophic impact to you and your organization.  You know you need more then compliance to build a corporate culture of safety. You’ve seen occupational and chemical incidents lead to 7-figure litigation and bring critical facility production to a standstill. 

We help you reduce your risk with training that goes beyond “checking the boxes” to keep regulators at bay.


With expert-lead workshops tailored to your company’s needs. 

We specialize in building custom safety programs that equip your team with the knowledge they need to manage risk, prevent workplace accidents, and respond fast to keep your facility running smoothly. 

Customized occupational and chemical safety training is perfect for:

Niche research and production laboratories
Incident follow-up for future response and new protocol training
New or expanded equipment or operational applications
Company acquisitions/mergers where safe collaboration is key for research and development
And any company that desires a tailored approach to safety training 

Want to get more from your safety programs? Combine our custom training workshops with EHS program management/authoring or our site audit services for the powerful, full-scale safety solution you need.

Get safety built for you. Contact us for more information.

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