Litigation Support and Expert Witness for Occupational Safety Legal Cases.

Midwest Chemical Safety’s Dr. Elston offers litigation support for select cases involving chemical and occupational safety.  Need assistance?

About Our Legal Support Services

Do you need expert testimony from a professional who not only understands usage and safety protocols- but how to present relevant information in a legal environment? For decades, Dr. Elston has worked to assist both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving a wide range of chemical and occupational safety issues. 

Midwest Chemical Safety limits legal consulting to less than 15% of its total consulting practice.

We Assist Cases With

Chemical Misuse

Laboratory, manufacturing, transportation, or usage injuries or death.

Failure to Warn

Safety training, labeling, or procedures.

Emergency Response

Physical injury or death during emergency response.

Occupational Exposure

Short and Long-term Radiation, Chemical, and Hazardous material exposure.

Hazard Communication

Chemical and material labeling and communication between managers and employees.

Employer/ Employee Responsibility

Training, workplace culture, and environmental circumstances.

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Recent Record of Case Involvement

Schrader v. Mallinckrodt Baker et al.: Case involved occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, failure-to-warn and employer/employer responsibility to control exposure. Case was settled after initial report was delivered.

Foster v. Sigma Aldrich: Case involved chemical exposure of an employee. Case was settled after expert report was delivered.

Barrois v. Fireman’s Fund et al.: Case involved the exposure of an employee to a hazardous chemical. Case was settled after deposition.

Mercer et al. v. Sully Truck Wash, Inc. et al.: Case involved a confined space fatality. Case was settled after deposition.