Risk and Exposure Assessment Tools

MCS will be providing some of the tools that we often use in laboratory and scale-up risk assessment as well as industrial hygiene related tools here. All of the tools here are copyrighted 2020, Midwest Chemical Safety, LLC but are free to use. No warranty is expressed or implied in the use of these tools. The end user is responsible for all risk assessments and exposure assessments made using these tools.

There is an accompanying YouTube video for each tool that is presented.

Laboratory Risk Assessment Tool

The LabRAT is a semi-quantitative decision making tool for determining risk for laboratory-scale operations. It incorporates chemical and physical hazards as well as process knowledge to help you evaluate the overall risk of a research process. In this Excel Spreadsheet, there is ample space for describing the work and prompts for hazard recognition. The last tab is a guide for scoring various aspects of the tool. We have also produced a YouTube video on how to use the LabRAT with an example of its use.

Download LabRAT 2.3 here

Heat Stress Management Tool

Heat stress is a serious occupational illness that can be avoided by following exposure guidelines. However, heat stress exposure calculations can be complex and exposure can change rapidly with rapidly changing environmental conditions. This tool can be used for exposure calculations, work planning and also for training workers on how to avoid heat stress conditions. We have also produced a YouTube video on how to use the Heat Stress Management Tool with an example of its use.

Download Heat Stress Tool Version 2.0 here

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