Litigation Support Services

Dr. Elston provides litigation support and expert testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation involving a wide-range of chemical and occupational safety issues. Dr. Elston has expertise in failure-to-warn litigation, chemical misuses, occupational exposure control, emergency response, hazard communication and employer/employee responsibility. Dr. Elston is very selective regarding the cases in which he will become involved, and limits this portion of consulting to less than 15% of the total consulting practice.

Midwest Chemical Safety provides expert witnessing services in our areas of expertise. Below is a summary of recent cases:

  • Schrader v. Mallinckrodt Baker et al.: Case involved occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, failure-to-warn and employer/employer responsibility to control exposure. Case was settled after initial report was delivered.
  • Foster v. Sigma Aldrich: Case involved chemical exposure of an employee. Case was settled after expert report was delivered.
  • Barrois v. Fireman's Fund et al.: Case involved the exposure of an employee to a hazardous chemical. Case was settled after deposition.
  • Mercer et al. v. Sully Truck Wash, Inc. et al.: Case involved a confined space fatality. Case was settled after deposition.

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