Why Should You Call MidWest Chemical Safety?

Cluttered laboratory hoods

dot What's in your garage? Midwest Chemical Safety was called in by an estate to evaluate and properly dispose of hazardous chemicals found in a garage before sale.

dot Chemicals now considered "forbidden" were commonly available in the 1940s and 50s. This drum of commercial-grade cyanide was overpacked and sent for recycling.

Forbidden Chemicals in the garage?
Full Scale Industrial hygiene consulting

dot Midwest Chemical Safety provides full-scale industrial hygiene consulting services. Site audits, as one conducted at this small business revealed the need for hearing protection, additional machine guarding and a revised Hazard Communication Program.

dot Midwest Chemical Safety can provide your small chemical business the EH&S program it needs as you scale up from a pilot plant to small reactor size. We can provide complete PSM services for your project as well as complete, turn-key environmental management of your hazardous waste.

EH&S Services
Turn-key environmental management for any sized company

dot Midwest Chemical Safety can provide complete, turn-key environmental management for any sized company. Here is an example of an improperly labeled hazardous waste container attached to an analytical instrument.

dotBulging containers of diethyl ether were found on this audit. Workplace audits and evaluations are an important part of any comprehensive safety plan. Independent audits provided by contractors knowledgeable in the regulations and the needs of the employer give a "fresh set of eyes" to the overall workplace safety picture.

Hazardous containers of ether
Poorly labeled bottles

dotPoorly labeled bottles can cause real headaches when it comes to injury prevention and hazardous waste disposal. Keep all bottle labels readable and always know the contents of reagent bottles before use!

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